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Who Are We

InterCal Music is an organization run by high school students looking to give our fellow peers unique opportunities to showcase their musical talents. We wish to harness the power of music, create everlasting moments for our musicians, and have a positive impact on our community. We are seeking talented high school musicians who are looking to assist the community while improving on their musicianship. Performers will be able to earn concrete benefits such as volunteer hours, as well as intangibles including connections with fellow musicians around Calgary.

Our Mission

As a student-run, non-profit organization that provides high school students and youth with volunteer opportunities, InterCal Music commits to bringing a unique service and experience to the community as a whole. Our mission is simple: bring respectful and dedicated public service to our community while sharing our love of music.

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Intercal Music would like to express its sincere gratitude toward Youth Central and the Calgary Foundation for providing support for our activities.

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