Our Code of Conduct


Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time!

If you have an illness, please do not show up to the performance and excuse yourself at least 12 hours beforehand


If you are the first to arrive, please direct yourself to a small section of the performance room that can be used for unpacking instruments, placing coats, etc. There may not be an officially designated spot, but please use your best judgement when unpacking. Otherwise, just follow other arriving members and place your belongings together.

Handing Out Programs

There will always be about 20 programs provided for each concert, so feel free to distribute them to our audience members and interact with them about 5 minutes prior to the start of every performance.


Where To Sit

Depending on the venue, there may or may not be enough seats for all of the performers to sit and watch the performance. If there are not enough seats, please stand quietly at the back or at the designated spot for coats and cases.

When To Get Ready

Familiarize yourself with the program order and start setting yourself up as the person in front of you begins performing. If your performance requires extra stands or chairs, please let us know beforehand. As always, maintain a high level of respect for other performers by setting up quickly and quietly.


When To Bow

The emcee of the night will call up all of the performers at the end of the program. Upon delivering closing remarks, the emcee will bow and the performers will follow suit. Additionally, feel free to interact with the audience after the concert, as they are often very curious about young musicians like us!


All members are encouraged to represent InterCal Music in a respectful and responsible manner. More specifically, we ask members to adhere to a semi-formal dress code when performing at our venues, and to maintain performance etiquette while doing so. This includes:

Dress Code

Simple semi-formal outfit. This does not include jeans.

Performance Etiquette

We request that all performers to adhere to the Dress Code, bow politely after performances, and to set a good example to other performers by focusing on the music and eliminate distractions during performances. We also kindly ask that audience members and performers to not talk or wave during performances, turn off electronic devices that could be distracting, and show appreciation of the performers’ efforts by applauding after each performance.


As we are a completely student-run group, we require commitment on part of the members and performers. Therefore, we require members to perform at least once a month and a maximum of three times each month at the senior centers.

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